Notice about Soil Values


Notice:  The Current Agricultural Use Value program provides tax relief on agricultural land by ensuring that qualified properties are appraised based on production capacity of the soil, as opposed to the land’s market value. Thus, value is dependent upon soil type, region, slope, and erosion factors of the land


The State of Ohio has recently issued an update on soil values.  This most recent update is for tax year 2022, for collections beginning in 2023. The next update will be for tax year 2025, for collections beginning in 2026.


At the state’s website you can obtain detailed information about 2022 soil values: https://tax.ohio.gov/government/real-state/cauv.  Please note there is no local process for appeals about soil values. 


The state’s website does provide documentation on how the soil values were established.


These soil values are required to be included in the Fairfield County system for tax year 2022. Now, you can view the updated parcel specific information at https://realestate.co.fairfield.oh.us/ under the real estate search tab.  


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